Contents Damage - We're there for you and your stuff.

We all have items that we care about and disasters can damage those things in a flash. Our goal is to help you sort it out.

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Over the years we accumulate all kinds of contents. Everything from electronics, furniture, clothing, decorations, books, outdoor equipment, and the list goes on. You never fully realize just how much you have until it's gone from fire, water damage, or some other type of disaster.

When your contents get damaged you need a mitigation and restoration company like Structure Plus to help. We have the staff, processes, and procedures to provide contents pack-outs and pack-backs as well as content inventorying and restoration of those damaged items. We are there to take away further stress of dealing with damaged contents. Our attention to detail and responsive action won't bring back your contents but it will begin the recovery process.

As part of the process, we inventory, wrap, pack, and move your contents to an off-site facility where they can be cleaned and repaired as necessary. Our staff will itemize and register any items not salvageable so your insurance company will have a detailed summary.

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